Monday, June 2, 2008

My brush with Fame!

Okay, so it is not my fame, I can only wish! I was walking home by Bryant Park tonight and walked right through the red carpet for the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards, (me and a few thousand other commuters) and literally walked right into Kim Cattrell! It was just a small bump. She was getting out of her car, and I was walking in the street to avoid the crowd. She is beautiful and the dress was amazing! Naturally, she was surrounded by PR, but you could hear all of the fotogs as she was walking up the Red Carpet going "Kim Kim!" Naturally, not knowing what the event was, I assumed it was a "Sex and the City" and started looking for the other stars. I moved further down the street, maybe ten feet or so, and got great views of Posh and Becks, Eva and Tony, one of the Olsens, and Michael Kors. There was a group of 4 girls behind me getting more excited by the moment and a rather blase guy announcing everyone arriving between us. "Oh, that's Tom Ford, don't you know what magazine he's with? No, I work for the competition, Conde Nast, right across the street." "That's Hillary Duff... the next car, uumm that is nobody." Looking to my left, I could just see the black limos lining up and the people running up and down the street taking pictures with cell phones trying to see through the tinted windows. As commuters realized there was a red carpet event, they were running accross 42nd Street to get a better view. It was amazing. The last car pulled up and I thought I had had enough fabulousness for the day...time to go home!
I just said to someone I never see celebrities, but between this and eating lunch two tables over from Mariska Hargitay last Friday, all of a sudden, I feel very magnetic! :-)

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